Here at               our service involves opening your headlights and modifying them to your heart's desire. Our mods include custom rings, inner paint themes, body color accents, demon eyes, light beams, projector retrofits, custom fabricated eyebrows and turn signals etc. We cater to those who like to keep it OEM+, those who'd rather go stealth mode, and those who want the works. The themes are endless and our appetite to modify is keen.

Below is a modified set with definitions of what areas we can change inside your headlights. There is no limit to our imagination and we are always available to design your set!

The end result is a magnificent representation of what can be achieved with our innovative team of designers and builders at the helm of your project.

Check out our PROGRAMS section to find your vehicle and in case your model isn't there, we have a PROTOTYPE section just for you!

Headlights looking a little dull or severely damaged by age? 


We offer Lens Restoration Services:


Standard polish (removes mild scratches)           $50.00

Wetsand & Polish (removes deep scratches)       $100.00

UV Clearcoat (protects against yellowing)          $150.00 

Re-clearcoating (full restoration)                        $250.00

New Lenses: $300.00 - $600.00 /pr

(Pricing does not include headlight open/close)

Please contact us directly for an exact quote.



Broken tabs? Cracks? Wear and tear? We can help!

Repair pricing begins at $50.00 which includes initial diagnosis and covers any minor repairs.

Pricing is dependent on the extent of the damage

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