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Any defects concerning OSSdesigns products such as rings, parts, finish and/or seal will be covered by a 2 - year Warranty from the date of completion.


The "2 - Year Warranty" excludes any component from purchased headlights, damage caused by motor vehicle accidents, mishandling of headlights when installing back, shipping cost or issues, and/ or modification done by another entity, or products purchased from another manufacturer.


Payment must be made for this purchase in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement. Due to the nature of custom work, ALL SALES AND DEPOSITS ARE FINAL.

(If extraordinary circumstances arise, it is up to the discretion of OSSdesigns to return only up to 40% of order total, (This does not apply to non-refundable deposits).


OSSdesigns is not responsible for any shipping cost, or damage to the headlights during transit or any shipping related issue. In the event damage occurs, CUSTOMER is responsible for insurance claim procedures and will not hold OSSdesigns liable for any shipping related remedy. OSSdesigns is not liable for damages induced by previous tampering of headlights that are not to OEM spec. 


OSSdesigns is not responsible for any car rental or auto shop arrangements done by the CUSTOMER, while the headlights are in build progress or in transit. While timeframe for each build can be estimated, there are circumstances in which it may be extended. OSSdesigns is not responsible for the functionality of products that are attained by customer from another company or entity. 


OSSdesigns is not liable for any damages to CUSTOMER's vehicle caused by improper headlight installation due to model variation beyond our control. Once payment is submitted, CUSTOMER agrees to these terms.  

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