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Update on the home front! On November 2020, we moved our shop to Arden --- which is part of the Asheville Metropolitan Area in North Carolina, USA. Moving our family and business to a new state during a pandemic was no small feat. But after six years of dreaming about moving to the mountains, we made the moves for our dream to come to fruition.


A big thank you to all our patrons and supporters who have been part of our journey thus far. After several weeks of setting up the new space, we are officially back in business. We are currently taking orders for January 2021 and onward. 

Stay tuned for shop updates on our social media stories and posts.

Greetings from the Blue Ridge Mountains!




We've been slowly but surely working up to this moment and we are happy to arrive! The world of headlight modification and custom work is complex so we took our time to make sure all our services are available to you in the right format.


Custom OSSdesigns orders are still an individualized process via email or chat but, this site will give you a starting point to help pick the right build for your vehicle. 

We look forward to your feedback!

May the force be with you. 


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