The story begins in 2004. Luis purchased an E46 and the itch to modify was in full effect. Luis modified his ride in his mom's garage and his crew took notice. In 2007, a friend took a chance and let Luis modify the headlights on his E92 Pre LCI. Luis kept it simple and classic: He did a build with V2 Angels and a blackout. It wasn’t long before local and out of state BMW enthusiasts caught wind of what he did, and the headlight modding continued.

In 2008, OSSdesigns was transferred to a bigger workspace in a friend’s auto body shop. There he was able to design and manufacture the Raptor DTM rings for retrofitting. In 2013, with the help of Luis' partner Patricia, OSS expanded to its own workshop and welcomed other members to the team. At their new shop he was able to envision and recreate a version of BMW’s iconic renderings and brought the Icons to life! (Now called Icons V1).  

By 2014, OSSdesigns was known on the national and international level. Our builds were featured in Auto Trade magazines, online forums and received high praise in trade shows such as SEMA and Bimmerfest. OSSdesigns did not only become popular in the BMW world, but expanded to other brands such as Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, and Lamborghini. 


Each of our customers has a uniquely handcrafted product designed for their specific taste. We thrive off creativity and individualism and we love to cater to individuals (such as yourself) who love their machines. Thank you for visiting us at ossdesigns.com 

We look forward to making your retrofit happen! 

Luis Duran

Patricia Ruiz


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